Cell Tower installation

Antenna & Radio Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Our Michigan tower crews perform all installation, maintenance, and repairs on cell tower antennas and radios. Now performing 5G installations all over Michigan. With years of wireless system design experience, formal training, and certifications . . . More

Small cells

Small Cell and DAS Installation

5G network installation brings a collection of new technologies, and the most are small cells. Small Cells, low-powered outdoor access to provide a cost-effective way of increasing the number of cell sites with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network . . . More

Microwave Tower


LTE is evolving rapidly, and 5G is here. Microwave is the next step to providing enhanced and diversified services with deployments in developing areas is with microwave . . . More

Cell Tower builds

Tower Builds

We have worked for all the major cell carriers and tower companies. DCC has the years of experience and can provide the turnkey solutions you are looking for. . . More

Tower Reinforcement

Tower Reinforcement Projects

Standoff Arm Reinforcements to provide extra capacity to tower platforms or sector frame stabilizer kits that add additional support to existing sector frames. . . More

Drone inspection

Drone Services

Inspecting cell tower sites, light towers/poles, bridges, power lines, and other hard to access structures has long been facilitated by tower climbers, bucket trucks and binoculars. New drone technology is simplifying and improving the speed of the inspection process while also reducing costs and improved safety. Let out certified remote pilots help complete the inspection.. . . More

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